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"Never stop praying." (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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Dear visitor:

Please, feel free to ask the brethren to join you in prayer of thanksgivings to God; asking guidance or help from our Lord.  Give a moment of your devotional time to the prayers below.

Prayer Requests:

(January 20, 2002) Ervin Nemeth

(October 28, 2001)

(August 09, 2001) Mother passed away quietly in the hospital

(August 01, 2001)  Mom's final admission to hospital approaching...


(06-25-2001) New WBS student enrolled

(08-20-2000) Posted from the e-mail list of the Arnold Church of Christ concerning summer Bible studies in Hungary.

(03-21-2000) Ervin Nemeth

(09-15-1999) Silbano Garcia II.

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