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"And tell them to be happy to give and ready to share."
(1 Tim. 6:18)


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Dear visitor:

For the current year we need more support than ever before.  We would like to publish new books -- we have translation rights to prominent authors' books, and we need to publish new WBS study booklets.  The last one -- translated over 10 years ago has been fully distributed and have not been reprinted.  If we receive a request for yet another course enrollment in Hungarian, we must say "sorry, we don't have any such things available currently."  This happened by the end of last year, and we would like to have it changed as soon as possible.

WBS Hungary has been operating since 1992.  Our  current mailing address is:

WBS Hungary
Ervin Nemeth
Szegedi u. 7. I. 1.
H-6900 Mako

Our resources are quite limited, but we are proud that we could reach out to many of the lost in Hungary.  It's getting more and more difficult to finance mailing, advertisements and translation/printing work that could be of further assistance in saving Hungarians. Although we received written permission from prominent Church of Christ authors to translate their books into Hungarian, we are unable to finance any publishing work.

Even a little financial help can be useful, but we can go much further with a more generous contribution.  Here are some examples what we can use your contribution:

$2 is enough to mail out 1 Easy-to-Read New Testaments within Hungary.
$25 can buy 1 classified advertisements in a national newspaper that is distributed country-wide.
$350 can be used to translate and print 100 copies of a full color tract of up to 16 pages.
$2,500 can be used to publish 1000 copies of a book of up to 100 pages.
$10,000 can assist a Hungarian to study at a Church of Christ institute for several months - and become potentially a church leader and devoted worker of the Lord upon returning.
$100,000 can cover a summer Bible camp with a group of Americans flying over to Hungary to convert the lost in a one month campaign.

$1,000,000 is enough to start a school in one of the large cities or Budapest, the capital of Hungary, in which hundreds of young people can hear the Truth.

As you can see, a single book, cassette tape or a very small amount of money can be a great help but the possibilities are almost endless if more people contribute larger amounts.

IMPORTANT! We can't cash checks of lower amounts.   You may want to check out how to send us smaller amounts. Send us an e-mail:

WBS Hungary e-mail

We also need English literature, tracts, spiritual books, reference materials, computers and legal computer software, Bibles, song books, audio and video cassettes with spiritual content. Our major contributor with books has been the Arnold Church of Christ, Arnold, Mo. Many thanks!

Other contributions received from Robert Wells, EEM and various missionaries to Hungary.  Thanks a lot!

Arnold Church of Christ
Our key literature supporter:  Arnold Church of Christ

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